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The introduction of the new reference book for music laws has been introduced in South Africa. This is no doubt a very positive step for the prosperity of music. This book provides detailed information on the Music Law and Music contract regulations.
The book has been written by Nick Matzukis and is titled as ‘South African Music Law and Contracts’. This is a small and complete guide for the musicians who are interested in continuing their music career in South Africa. It is a great guide for amateur musicians who can learn strategies through which to negotiate the best contracts. This book tells us about the procedures that can be followed in order to make money, through music, in South Africa.
The book provides an overview of the music industry, all around the world. It discusses the most common issues of music copyright and royalty streams in great detail. If you have been waiting for such a source that can guide you through your music-related problems, ‘South African Music Law and Contracts’ could be the perfect match. All the legal principals regarding the South African music industry are clarified by the writer. This volume tells you about everything that you must know, before entering the business of music.
After giving a general idea, this book explains every rule, clause by clause. Various examples from the music industry have been used by the author to make it easier for the readers to understand. It includes all the publishing agreement information, record deals and artist management contracts. The law of copyright is extremely important to understand. Matzukis, the director of the Sound Engineering Academy, explained that the major reason behind publishing this book was making South African music excel.

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