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Legendary rock band Pink Floyd reunited back in 2005 for charity. They performed eight live shows in London and sold more than 200 million albums that year. A sheer hope sprang from the fans of the band all over the world that they may start playing shows again.
The death of Richard Wright, the keyboardist, was one of the major reasons behind the end of the Pink Floyd’s performances. The unfortunate passing of Wright in 2008 did major damage to the group. However, Hoping Foundation’s benefit concert brought them back together. Nick Mason, the drummer, has recently revealed that the group may be doing live concerts together soon.
They are trying to repeat the concept of Live 8, the way they did in 2005, and likely to play for the sake of charity. According to the drummer, the band is ready to perform, for the right reasons. He further explained that it may not be beneficial for them, but they are not performing for their personal interests and everyone must appreciate this fact.
Band mates, David Gilmour and Roger Waters left the group during 1980s, but the very idea of charity has brought them on the same stage again. They performed the three Pink Floyd classic in their recent concert for Hoping Foundation. This organisation helps Palestinian children. The show was held in Oxfordshire, in July 2011.
The band members are regarding Live 8 as an opportunity as a stepping stone, for future reunions. The group is no longer interested in launching new albums or making money. They want to end their careers by performing for aid organisations. They are expected to be seen in many similar concerts, in the near future. Mason has been one of the most vocal members of the groups and has been updating the media about the future plans of the group. Pink Floyd fans can hope to look forward to the band performances.

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