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New Yorkers were disappointed at the end of last year due to Hurricane Irene interference in their lives. All the concerts on New Year’s Eve in the city were canceled due to bad weather conditions. People were forced to wait for their favourite stars to perform in their city. All the shows that were planned in the area were either delayed or cancelled, due to the expected Hurricane Irena.
The Hurricane was expected to affect places like Virginia and South Carolina and then all the way up to the eastern boundary of Canada. The Governor of New York declared a state of emergency, throughout the entire area. The transit system of the city was completely suspended for some time. All these circumstances had a negative impact on the concerts and gigs that were to be held in the city. Most of the organisers managed to delay the shows.
The Caravan events of Dave Matthews Band were expected to be held at the Governors Island. However, they were postponed by the organisers. This was a major disappointment for all the fans that were waiting for the concert for a very long time. All the tickets were already distributed. MTV News confirmed the delay of the concert. The show was then held in late August. The Roots and Gogol Bordello were going to perform in New York, but their show was also delayed due to the climatic conditions.
The Afro-Punk festival was also one of the most anticipated events that were going to be held in New York. It was a major setback for the citizens to wait for the delayed events. The organisers tried to not to postpone the festival, but they had to take such a step, for security reasons. However, the planners did a great job in keeping the people updated. There was a distinct apology on Twitter by Himanshu Suri of Das Racist who was hoping to perform at the festival.

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