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If you haven’t heard about the Spanish rock favorites; Maná, where have you been? The band had an amazing concert in Dallas in July last year.
They opened the show with their most popular number, Lluvia al Corazón. But, all in all, the first part of the concert was not very exciting, as the band played new songs that were quite slow. Most of the Maná’s songs need to be listened to more than once in order for you to enjoy them. However, as soon as they went into their previous hits the audience responded enthusiastically.
This band is not very mobile on the stage. Therefore, the performance at Dallas was all about the vocals. Alex Gonzalez is the only member of the band who moves around on the stage and gives you, a visual act. It is an enjoyable experience watching him. On the other hand, the bassist and the guitarist just stand there and play their instruments.
The high point of the show came when the winner of a competition was introduced. Adal Benitez is an amateur musician who won the local prize. He played guitar for the Maná’s hit song, Me Vale and he rocked the show with his endless energy.
The concert became more exiting when Alex was left by his band for a solo performance. The rotating mechanical drums added to the beauty of his show. A fortunate girl was called up on the stage by the band and Fher sang Se Me Olvidó Otra Vez. Once the lady left the platform, the band sang some more of their hits.
Latin American flags were displayed in the background of the stage. The classic song named Vivir Sin Aire was played and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. Most of the crowd were seen dancing and swaying to the charming melodies. Despite the slow beginning, the concert was a big hit, overall.

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