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Only music historians and obsessive fans of classic rock will know the cultural significance of this famed London gig venue, as the birthplace of The Rolling Stones. Sadly the venue does not serve its original purpose anymore and has changed its name more times than the artist formerly known as Prince, but it still attracts fans from all over the world as a site of spiritual pilgrimage for music lovers, much like John Lennon's house on Menlove Avenue.Image By: Javi S&M
Alex Korner played here regularly in its 60's heyday with his band Blues Incorporated alongside Cyril Davies. These two names were highly influential in the early Blues scene and were helpful in introducing many talented musicians together. Many of the future greats of British rock music came out to watch and even perform with the band, such as Charlie Watts, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Long John Baldry, Graham Bond, Danny Thompson and Dick Heckstall-Smith.
The sound also attracted much younger followers, and of these there were some very notable future stars, some of whom occasionally performed with the group, including Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Geoff Bradford, Rod Stewart, John Mayall and Jimmy Page.
Later in the 60's, the venue became Tabby's, a disco of sorts which was often frequented by the hip students and youth coming out of Ealing Art College. In later years the famous dance hall became known as Club Azur, and then altered again to its current moniker The Red Room.
But in 2011, a group of Ealing residents decided that its heritage was too important to the area and initiated a campaign to bring back live music to the venue and highlight its important contribution in the development of British blues and rock. The group of activisits became known as The Ealing Club, and they held a held a number of gigs between 18-20 July 2011 to pay for a blue plaque on the façade and stamp its place in history forever.

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