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The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world and millions of youngsters across the world gravitate toward it, wanting to follow in the footsteps of their heroes. Now a lot is written about rock guitarists, who have been blessed with an individual style and ability to move people with their solos, such Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Page.
While all of theseImage By: chris runoff may hog the limelight, the real masters of the guitar lay elsewhere, the classically trained masters of the Spanish guitar. Here are list of some of the best classical guitarists ever:
1. Andres Segovia. The father of the classical guitar, the man who will forever be remembered for his unbelievable virtuosity, his expressive performances and phrasings, and his thick black spectacles. Segovia studied Flamenco guitar in Grenada and had held his first performance at the tender age of 15, in 1909. The Spanish master was pivotal in helping develop the guitar as a legitimate concert instrument.
2. John Williams. Born in Australia in 1941, John Williams spent most of his early life in the UK, and calls himself a Londoner. He attended master classes with Segovia from the age of 11, as well as honing his skills in Italy and the Royal College of Music in London from 1956. He is best known for his technical brilliance and ability to communicate a complexity of tones and colours on his instrument. He started playing concerts as of November 1958 when he performed at Wigmore Hall in London, and has since played all over the world, from New York to Shanghai.
3. David Russell. This Glaswegian guitarist has been playing since he was 5 years old. Having moved to Minorca to immerse himself in the Spanish guitar, imitating the greats of the Flamenco, he became an accomplished soloist in his own right and won numerous individual awards. He has played to global audiences with unbelievable poise and resonance.

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